What does it mean that Vidament Waterless Serum Facial Spray is 100% active?

A cosmetic is composed of active ingredients (which are the raw materials that make the product effective) and excipients (which are the rest of the raw materials that help to preserve, stabilise, perfume, colour, etc. the cosmetic). The vast majority of serums on the market contain more than 50% water, which does not contribute any activity to the cosmetic. In the case of the Waterless Serum Facial Spray, all that percentage of water that would have to be added is replaced by vegetable extracts (kiwi, apple or grape) providing 100% activity to the product.

Is it suitable for blemished skin?

Waterless Serum Facial Spray act as skin normalisers due to their high content of trace elements. Trace elements are essential in the skin’s repair mechanisms, increasing or activating the reduction of spots.

Why does the Waterless Serum Facial Spray fix make-up?

The formulation of the serums is based on the concept of Japanese or Korean essences that give the skin a characteristic silky texture when the product is applied and quickly allows make-up to set.

Is the product suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, Vidament has carried out dermatological and ophthalmological tests on sensitive skin. However, in some cases you may notice a slight itchiness due to the high concentration of active ingredients, as 100% of the product is active ingredients.

Do Vidament sprays contain gas?

No. It is a natural spray, thus avoiding the use of gases and pressurised propellants that could interact with the cosmetic and the environment.

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