Energizing Serum Waterless Facial Spray


Multifunctional serum. Efficacy of assets, with dermocosmetic effect of normalization of all skin types and that, also, due to its composition in essence, allows to fix the makeup if it is applied before putting on makeup and allows its application during the day if we have makeup on the face, improving the permanence of the same.

1. Anti-aging effect: + 16% cell proliferation in 6 days (increase in collagens and elastins).

2. Antioxidant properties.

3. Proliferation of integrins, improves rough, healing and regenerating skin.

4. Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle effect, collagen III synthesis, UV damage repair, antioxidant.

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High efficiency with a great application novelty. We propose to the consumer the use of a facial serum with a high content of active ingredients, supported by efficacy studies, but with a spray application system that makes it more comfortable and easy to use.


Multifunctional serum. Efficacy of assets, with dermocosmetic effect of normalization of all skin types and that, also, due to its composition in essence, allows to fix the makeup if it is applied before putting on makeup and allows its application during the day if we have makeup on the face, improving the permanence of the same.

The main objective of the energizing waterless spray serum is to REACTIVATE the healthy tone of the skin, CORRECT WRINKLES and IMPROVE THE FIRMNESS of the skin, thanks to CELLULAR PROLIFERATION. It also hydrates, antioxidants, regenerates, generates cell renewal, enhancing the anti-aging effect with new skin; protective action, restoring the barrier effect; softening and refreshing (recovers cellular vitality); strengthens the skin from external aggressions; recovers the energy of the skin and gives a healthy appearance; purifies, tones and rebalances; has antimicrobial activity.

This serum, due to its cosmetic form of essence, allows it to be applied before makeup, fixing it more. It can even be applied with makeup on, although effectiveness can be reduced by the makeup hindering the penetration of the assets.

The serum also contains Aloe vera that follows a cold manufacturing process, so that the original properties of the medicinal plant are not destroyed. Subsequently, thanks to a patented process, it is satisfactorily preserved. The effectiveness of its properties is verified and certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).




  • AROMATIC VOLATILE COMPOUNDS: hydrodispersible essential oils.
  • VITAMINS: B1, B2, B6 and C.
  • ANTIOXIDANT PHENOLIC COMPOUNDS: Catechin, epicatechin and quercetin.
  • SUGARS: fructose, glucose and sucrose
  • FRUIT ACIDS: malic, citric and chlorogenic


  • Natural cosmetic: according to the ISO-16128 standard. 99.4% of ingredients of natural origin, 100% of ingredients authorized in natural organizations (ISO, COSMOS, NATRUE,…).
  • Organic or BIO cosmetic: according to the ISO-16128 standard. 20% of the total ingredients are organically grown.
  • Waterless cosmetics: 100% ingredients without fresh water.
  • Vegan cosmetics: 100% natural plant or mineral active ingredients.
  • Cosmetics not tested on animals.
  • Dermatological and ophthalmological tested on sensitive skin.
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Step 1

We shake the container and apply by pressing the sprayer until the end of the stroke, while distributing, at the same time, over the area to be treated, at a distance of between 10-15cm, with our eyes closed and trying not to breathe while spraying. . We can perform 1 to 2 keystrokes.

Step 2

Leave the product on once sprayed or, by means of a gentle massage, make the cosmetic penetrate.

Note: It is recommended to apply 2 times a day.

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It is recommended to apply on aged skin, with lack of oxygenation and repair, which require normalization of the skin (maskné, pimples, …) and to fix makeup.

It is expected that the world demand for water will increase by 55% until 2050, when it is estimated, by expert scientists in the Environment, that the human demand for water will be higher than the existing one.

The Environmental initiative, WATERLESS, is born. In which it is intended to reduce fresh water from different sectors.

To avoid the consumption of water in cosmetics, a new wave of sustainable cosmetics is also being generated that contain little or even no fresh water.

“Vidament fuses high anti-aging cosmetics with BIO natural dermocosmetics with 0% added water”

VIDAMENT creates a line of 100% natural and organic products from vegetable waters, with 0% water (100% WATERLESS), which give the preparation 100% activity, since the total of the cosmetic is an active ingredient of proven efficacy.

Double benefit for the consumer

Vegetable water is the natural constitution liquid of vegetables. Refined by the plant itself, this pure and original water adds to its exceptional qualities the presence of vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements and essential oils from the plant

These cellular and active micronutrients have a double behavior:

PRO-ACTIVE: By stimulating cells and modulating the activity of certain enzymes.

CO-ACTIVE: By enhancing the activity of certain molecules through a synergistic effect.

As with seawater, the trace elements and trace elements of VEGETABLE WATERS are in their BIO-AVAILABLE phase.

Bioavailability is the active phase of an element, which is capable of acting on multiple biochemical sequences that lead to the NORMALIZATION OF THE SKIN, in general, due to the process of epidermal homeostasis (which is the correct cellular differentiation of the skin in all its stadiums).

The methods that we use to extract PLANT WATER do not use distilled or deionized water at any point in the process, unlike conventional methods of entrainment by fresh water vapor.

These VEGETABLE WATERS are 100% natural, obtained without maceration processes and without the addition of exterior water or foreign elements to the vegetable water (solvents, preservatives). Pure and authentic, only a water like this can claim a real bio-affinity to the skin.


The vegetable water extract is obtained from the concentration of fruit juices according to a Flash Distillation process. The procedure is based on subjecting the liquid to an Ultra High temperature, UHT (140 ° C) and a high circulation speed (600 km / h) in state-of-the-art condensers.

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